Analytics to Power Marketing Strategies

Data visualisation and analysis to recognise untapped potential of each sales channel and create more effective marketing strategies

Multi-channel data capture and analysis key to building successful marketing strategies

Businesses nowadays have access to multiple data sources that drive insights on customers and markets. The first problem occurs in the nature of data capture as different tools that record information from stores, websites and social media, among others, work in stand-alone environments and cause data discrepancies. Filtering and organising the data sets to make them comparable requires big data and AI expertise that most businesses do not have.
Analysing and assessing the vast information to build real-time data connections and visualisation tools remain other challenges. Moreover, businesses have to create dynamic plans that evolve with inputs from various sources, including sales teams, webmasters, social media experts and for retailers, store personnel. The management has to be able to use the insights from their chosen analytical approaches to decide on the priority order for different marketing channels and optimise ad and sales strategies.

Marketing analytics to analyse customer data across multiple platforms and build effective strategies

Analysing data from multiple collection points to create synergies to build comprehensive and specific marketing plans for different sales channels.

At Steeple, we help businesses that intend to grow exponentially to identify the best analytical approaches for their company. From heuristics models to attribution modelling, we help management decide on the varied approaches to use for different touch points. We then tie-in inputs from traditional direct marketing channels with non-direct ones. This helps us to arrive at correlations that deliver better results for different product lines, markets, sales teams or seasonal cycles.

Our experts analyse the data to discover connections across different sales strategies. We enable our clients to leverage their inherent marketing strength with these new insights to build specific marketing plans. Our services help them optimise spend on different marketing channels and enhance their ROI. We also help them track upcoming trends and consumer shifts to build effective marketing strategies for the future.<

Helping Build Dynamic Pricing Models

Big data insights that visualise patterns and connections and help businesses create multi-channel pricing strategies for different end-markets.

  • Marketing Performance Analysis
  • Channel Attribution
  • Visitor Behavioural Analysis
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis
  • Ad Tracking & Measurement
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Analytics & Tracking

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