Smarter Social Media Analytics

Intelligent data extrapolation and analysis for smarter insights into consumer behaviour and trends across different demographics and geographies.

Interpreting voluminous social media data essential to finding the right consumers

The explosion in social media and the ability it offers to directly connect with customers are rapidly diverging avenues that need intelligent analysis to reconnect and derive value for a business. Some of the challenges that businesses face are defining the right strategy, monitoring and maximising reach, measuring social media ROI, building a fan base and enhancing long-term brand advocacy.

To accelerate brand acceptance and adoption, businesses need to know, among other things, which platform to target and the methods it needs to adopt to enhance its presence. Aspects such as brand and customer sentiment analysis, brand influencer analysis, media monitoring and analysis, product feedback, and user-generated content analysis are now critical to building a stellar brand profile. The data volumes created by each focus area necessitate intelligent tools to filter out the extraneous information and deliver insights that help the business.

Social media analytics to help enhance customer interactions

Monitor and optimise social media platforms and profiles to track customer behaviour patterns and shifts to build brand value and increase market share.

In a connected world, it is critical for businesses to know what customers are saying about their brands and products. Our social media analytics help businesses understand their customers better and engage with them in meaningful ways that are symbiotically enriching. From brand and customer sentiment analysis to monitoring and analysing media reports, we help businesses keep a tab on the pulse of the social media economy.

We analyse facts and numbers that allow businesses to create more effective marketing campaigns for the right target audience. Our experts help clients correlate business objectives with social media initiatives and build processes that bring results. We undertake competitor benchmarking and industry monitoring to detect early warning signals. We also help enhance reputation management efforts by monitoring and responding to customer queries, feedback and complaints

Unlocking Value from Customer Engagement

Track, measure and optimise customer interactions through intelligent data analyses to create brand advocates and repeat consumers

  • Brand and Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Influencer Analysis
  • Media Monitoring and Analysis
  • Share of Voice Analysis
  • Product Feedback and Opportunities
  • Industry-wise Influencer Identification
  • Understanding Customer Attitudes and Identifying Problems
  • Analyzing User-Generated Content
  • Sales via Social Interaction
  • Social Media Risks and Opportunities
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Early Warning Signals
  • Analyze Data Across Multiple Social Profiles and Channels
  • Engage with New and Existing Customers Across Multiple Platforms
  • Monitor and Respond to Customer Queries, Feedback and Complaints
  • Measure the Success of Content Marketing Activities
  • Measure Website Traffic Generation through Social Media Activities
  • Share Social Media Analytics Reports with Real-Time Insights

Relevant Industries

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

IT and Telecom


CPG and Retail

Private Equity

Professional Services