Generating Supply Chain Efficiencies

Using smart tools and predictive analysis to optimise inventory levels and build efficient procurement strategies to streamline dynamic supply chains

An increasingly multifaceted business environment demands agile and adaptive supply chain management

Companies now have to go beyond traditional supply chain management practices to derive maximum value from their procurement and inventory management strategies. Traditional ERP systems have to give way to more intelligent and adaptive supply chain analytical solutions that harness and blend data from across multiple touch points such as inventory levels, transportation time, point of sales, geography-based demand and supply, and so on.

With customer demand prediction being the key but beyond management control, businesses have to look at cost reduction, spend analytics and procurement efficiencies to optimise the overall supply chain. Greater visibility and better predictability remain moot concerns for all, including industry leaders. Another emerging challenge is improving supply chain traceability to mitigate increasing environmental and ethical concerns.

Intelligent predictive analysis from internal and external data for faster and more flexible supply chains

Helping correlate demand and supply across multiple products and markets to reduce costs, optimise logistics and enhance efficiency

At Steeple, we help businesses navigate and automate the complex processes that influence product demand, sales and supply. We use robotic process automation and predictive analysis to determine the relationships between internal data on demand and external data on market trends, micro and macro consumer shifts. This allows companies to create and deploy more agile supply chain processes.

We help gain insights from key relationships such as how inventory holdings relate to demand variability and how demand of a product affects another. Our analysis of optimal inventory levels and factors that help streamline the delivery line allow our clients to create more lucrative and efficient automated processes that free up resources and reduce costs.</p

Supply Chain Analyses to Drive Automation

Machine learning tools that analyse varied big data sets, backed by industry expertise to create capable supply chain management practices for the future.

  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Demand Planning & Forecastin
  • Merchandising Analytics
  • Store Analytics
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Spend Analytics
  • Supplier Performance & Consolidation
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Relevant Industries

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

IT and Telecom


CPG and Retail

Private Equity

Professional Services