Leveraging Buy Side Capabilities

Enhancing the buy side capabilities of equity investment teams to discover internal weaknesses or analyse quality of assets and liabilities in targets

Unbundling of research and trade making firms seek ways to quantify research benefits

The promulgation of MiFID II in the European Union has forced asset managers to look for ways to quantify the benefits of research. Managers are evaluating data analytics to bring down costs and derive more benefits from their investments. Firms are also seeking out vendors who can give them an edge in terms of research insights.

From an investment research perspective, the explosion of data in markets has made it difficult for investment firms to verify the quality of information at hand. Assessing key aspects of targets such as internal processes, quality of assets, value of liabilities, and recent and future growth possibilities remain constraints.

Bringing quality insights to identify investment opportunities and catalyse ROI

Helping investment firms get research clarity on targets and their markets in a post-MiFID II environment

We help buy side firms derive insights and optimise their research budgets though detailed valuation and analyses and due diligence of target markets and specific businesses. Our services also enable investment companies to overcome the challenges posed by the effects of MiFID II in the coming years.

We help equity investment clients assess the earnings and cash-flow quality of targets as well as analyse the quality of assets and liabilities. We also take a deep-dive into internal control weaknesses that may up the investment risk and provide additional insights on financial projection analyses of the target business.

Discovering Opportunities to Enhance Buy Side ROI

Research solutions that help clients overcome regulatory challenges and paucity of information on targets. Industry expertise that delivers

  • Due Diligence

  • Valuation

Relevant Industries

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

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CPG and Retail

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