Intelligent Sell Side Analyses

Bringing AI-backed data analysis to drive efficiencies into sell side research, backed by industry experts to deliver actionable research value

Sell side research looking at automation to drive maximum investment value

Investment banks are realising the efficiency generated by AI-backed research to make the deal process faster and smoother. There is a focus on value-based research that delivers insights and action plans beyond mere low-end data analysis.

The upsurge in M&A in the tech or tech-enabled space will need insights that go beyond mere data extrapolation. Banks will need ground up analyses from industry experts that help them understand the markets better and leverage the opportunity presented.

Enabling investment banks to gain value-driven insights from big data and industry M&A experts

Big data is offering new ways to maximise deal value and speed up the overall M&A process. Investment banks need the firms with AI-expertise to discover relatively unknown advantages

At Steeple, we collaborate with investment banks to address risks early and accelerate the time to close. Our intelligent data-backed research further improves the accuracy of historical and projected financial information contained in the marketing materials. The research provides the buyer with a transparent, objective and credible view of the business.

Our industry experts help augment the internal management resources of our clients and give them the necessary guidance to close the deal on their terms. We also help boost the competition among buyers and diminish buyer negotiations after the letter of intent. Additionally, we help identify adjustments that positively impact the EBITDA.

Maximising M&A Value for Sell Side Firms

Research solutions that help clients overcome regulatory challenges and paucity of information on targets. Industry expertise that delivers

  • Due Diligence

  • Valuation

Relevant Industries

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

IT and Telecom


CPG and Retail

Private Equity

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