Weakening performance despite a concentrated industry structure

In over two decades of restructuring, emergence of the Chinese ‘global factory’ and growth in consumer demand allowed manufacturing industry to be an outlier. Emerging fundamental changes, geopolitical friction, price volatility are putting pressure on efficiencies from the traditional concentrated industry structure.

Increasing competition within the industry coupled with overcapacity is exerting pressure on margins. Specialties are no longer the blockbuster future as premium products do not see a high demand from upcoming markets. The emergence of B2B e-commerce is additionally resulting in paradigm shifts.

Analytics is the key to identify opportunities and outpace the market

Despite the slowdown in the market, the manufacturing industry will remain a primary resource provider for almost all other industries. Businesses, however, will have to recognise the opportunities. The international access to resources means sales will have to become more strategic and companies will have to focus also on national and regional markets besides international ones.

Market participants are leveraging analytics to identify trends and insights to improve performance. Our machine intelligence helps businesses to filter humongous data sets gain operational and marketing efficiencies. Steeple’s real-time data extrapolation can help different departments from R&D to logistics to obtain consequential insights and seize opportunities.

Solutions that are designed around you

Specific Services

Our industry experts use advances in data analytics and technology to deliver custom results. Their insights and recommendations help key decision makers and their teams formulate effective strategies and execute plans


Procurement Intelligence

Integrates in-depth market research and data analysis, supplemented by insights from industry experts to transform the procurement pipeline.

Supply Chain Analytics

Unearths and summarises random data through intelligent tools and expert insights into patterns and trends to drive efficiencies across the supply chain.


Marketing Strategy

Analyses consumer behaviour and emerging patterns across demographics and markets to deliver insights that help augment demand.


Competitive Strategy

Integrates intelligent peer and market analysis with corporate strategy to plan effective growth strategies and outpace the competition.


Supplier Management

Market research, intelligent data analysis and socio-geopolitical insights to shortlist, filter and manage suitable suppliers from around the world.


Pricing Analytics

Intelligent tools and analysis activate hidden efficiencies that mitigate cost pressures and help deliver products with better profit margins.