An intensely competitive industry with increasing external pressures

A multi-faceted market with unique trends and challenges for each product and for the larger segment creates significant industry dynamics in CPG and retail. E-commerce continues to impact traditional models, with each finding ways to stay competitive. AI is expected to create fundamental disruptions even as compliance and regulatory pressures, supply chain management, and a consumer with ever-increasing options transform the business.

Major demand trends in the industry such as automation and concentration of trade; a more affluent and aware, digitally-native customer; and rise of green and value segments coupled with external factors such as rising trade protectionism, labour issues and surging energy cost are creating a minefield navigable only with in-depth data analytics and insights. From predicting input costs to understanding consumer behaviour, businesses across the value chain now need real-time expert intelligence to succeed.

Making sense of complex industry dynamics

The growth of e-commerce, increasing adoption of smartphones and the rise of the intelligent consumer will continue to impact CPG and Retail. Changing political and trade equations, and stress on protectionism will also affect the near future. Companies adapting to newer business models such as direct-to-consumer or app-based sales will need cohesive data insights that make sense of the varied and seemingly endless information flow.

Under such pressure to perform, small decisions assume critical proportions if not based on correct insights. Whether it is procurement or product promotion, inventory turnover or customer loyalty programmes, we deliver real-time insights that help managers take correct critical decisions across all levels of operations and business models.

Solutions that are designed around you

Specific Services

Our industry experts use advances in data analytics and technology to deliver custom results. Their insights and recommendations help key decision makers and their teams formulate effective strategies and execute plans


Procurement Intelligence

Integrates in-depth market research and data analysis, supplemented by insights from industry experts to transform the procurement pipeline.

Supply Chain Analytics

Unearths and summarises random data through intelligent tools and expert insights into patterns and trends to drive efficiencies across the supply chain.


Marketing Strategy

Analyses consumer behaviour and emerging patterns across demographics and markets to deliver insights that help augment demand.


Competitive Strategy

Integrates intelligent peer and market analysis with corporate strategy to plan effective growth strategies and outpace the competition.


Supplier Management

Market research, intelligent data analysis and socio-geopolitical insights to shortlist, filter and manage suitable suppliers from around the world.


Category Management

Data-backed expert insights to simplify supply chain complexities, streamline procurement pipelines and optimise inventory management.


Social Media Analytics

Expert insights into key consumer trends and demographic- and market-based behaviour for product advertising and placement.