An industry that is restructuring itself

Advances in technology such as 3D bioprinting, gene editing, biosensors, and implantable drug delivery systems are pushing the demand for data analytics to deliver cost-benefits. Existing players are seeking ways to accelerate the speed to market while newer entrants are investing in technologies to drive market disruption.

The new age health economy is expected to cause fundamental changes in how the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries work and function. The future will see an agile, innovation-driven, modular ecosystem pulled by consumer demand. To succeed in this fluid environment, businesses will need to rely on analytics to drive changes across various operating levels.

Making fundamental changes easier to manage

Global drivers such an ageing population, increasing pressure to keep costs low, rising incidences of superbugs and chronic diseases, better treatment systems, growth of consumer awareness, and digital transformation are changing existing business models. The disparate segments within the larger industry are evolving to a connected system where pharma companies, healthcare service providers, consumers, research and data analysts, and insurers work together to deliver desired results.

At Steeple Research, we help corporate, strategy, marketing and procurement teams understand the effects of these emerging trends. Our insights help pharmaceuticals and healthcare businesses to mitigate cost pressures, build up procurement pipelines, enhance supply chain efficiencies and boost growth rates and profit margins.

Solutions that are designed around you

Specific Services

Our industry experts use advances in data analytics and technology to deliver custom results. Their insights and recommendations help key decision makers and their teams formulate effective strategies and execute plans


Procurement Intelligence

Integrates in-depth market research and data analysis, supplemented by insights from industry experts to transform the procurement pipeline.

Supply Chain Analytics

Unearths and summarises random data through intelligent tools and expert insights into patterns and trends to drive efficiencies across the supply chain.


Marketing Strategy

Analyses consumer behaviour and emerging patterns across demographics and markets to deliver insights that help augment demand.


Competitive Strategy

Integrates intelligent peer and market analysis with corporate strategy to plan effective growth strategies and outpace the competition.


Supplier Management

Market research, intelligent data analysis and socio-geopolitical insights to shortlist, filter and manage suitable suppliers from around the world.


Pricing Analytics

Intelligent tools and analysis activate hidden efficiencies that mitigate cost pressures and help deliver products with better profit margins.