A relentless data flow, technology disruptions and regulatory needs demand smarter analysis

The private equity industry is witnessing elemental disruptions across its different sub-segments. Like investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and other financial institutions, private equity firms are looking for ways to garner intelligent insights from an unceasing information flow.
This is even as technology transformations and socio-economies change the very fundamentals of their target industries.The PE industry itself is seeing severe competition from strategic buyers in addition to a piling up of regulatory hurdles to close deals. Tighter margins from economic swings and decoding the investment strategies to increase alpha and minimise beta remain additional concerns. The need to digitise operations for better or even real-time reporting and the pervasive risks from fraud, misconduct, compliance and cyber security also add to the challenges.

Objective operational and financial insights to optimise investments

The bulk of PE data remains locked in excel sheets and CRM databases, making it difficult for firms to glean actionable insights. In addition, reliance on antiquated systems implies information on historical and current metrics of current or potential investments, and operational and functional data do not add their tangible value. Our analytics can help unlock substantial value for these firms.


At Steeple, we help PE firms generate more value from their investments and existing resources. We use transaction analytics, quantitative analysis and intelligent tools to deliver vital insights and speed up the deal process. Our intelligent tools enhance our due diligence and underwriting capabilities and help discover hitherto unknown internal weaknesses. Our real-time monitoring and data visualisation tools help analysts enhance their portfolio monitoring capabilities and derive smarter insights from competitive benchmarking.

Solutions that are designed around you

Specific Services

Our industry experts use advances in data analytics and technology to deliver custom results. Their insights and recommendations help key decision makers and their teams formulate effective strategies and execute plans



Financial research and analytics to help buy-side firms understand industry, market, and target company and its peers, and make appropriate purchase decisions.


Sell side

Financial analytics and recommendations for sell-side firms to promote investment opportunities across industries to appropriate buyer markets.


Social Media Analytics

Expert insights on key consumer trends and demographic- and market-based behaviour to estimate future demand and identify growth opportunities.


Competitive Strategy

Integrates intelligent peer and market analysis with corporate strategy to plan effective growth strategies and outpace the competition.


Supply Chain Analytics

Unearths and summarises random data through intelligent tools and expert insights into patterns and trends to drive efficiencies across the portfolio company’s supply chain.


Pricing Analytics

Intelligent tools and analysis activate hidden efficiencies that mitigate cost pressures and help deliver products with better profit margins.


Marketing Analytics

Insights into current and predict future trends to identify new market opportunities and address existing ones with optimal solutions.