Providing Onshore Consultants to Bridge DA & IT Skills Gap

Unprecedented growth in the global technology sector is creating skills shortage. Further, uncertain macroeconomic conditions are forcing firms to revaluate their scalability plans. The optimal solution will be the one that provides companies flexible staffing solutions while also ensuring deployment of best talent.

Technology is changing accepted norms of competitive strategies

Providing superior services is our passion. At Steeple, we provide DA & IT services to solve complex business problems. Rapidly changing market dynamics, customer requirements and disruptive technologies are forcing businesses to adapt. However, due to time and cost pressures, cultural barriers and skill shortages, companies are unable to respond quickly. Steeple has the best talent available inhouse to work on complex technologies to help clients navigate through such business challenges.

While we focus on providing solutions inhouse, our core capability lies in providing Onshore Consultant Support. We have exceptional expertise in identifying, evaluating and matching the right skill set for each client, thereby providing a highly personalised and effective service. We hand pick talented developers, designers, engineers, statisticians, and project managers to deploy them onsite.

When you engage with Steeple, you not only select our services but our commitment to continuous improvement. We continuously invest in process improvement to reduce turnaround time for onsite talent deployment and create a seamless experience for our clients.

Our Expertise:

Within DA & IT services, we focus on various technologies. The skills that are most sought after and are part of our specialisation include:

Not able to find the required skills

Value Proposition


A scalable solution to staffing, thus allowing our clients to focus on their core business.


Flexibility to scale up/down without necessarily worrying about legal implications.


Continuous investment in process improvement helps reduce onsite deployment time.

Data Security & Quality

No data security and quality issues as our consultants work onsite and hence clients control data access and quality.

Time Saving

Complete ownership to manage operational requirements and timely deployment save client’s time.

Customized Service

Exceptional expertise in identifying, matching and deploying the right skill set for each job requirement.