Prioritising Strategic Category Management

Using data-driven predictive analytics and customer insights to help businesses integrate procurement processes and drive efficiency in their supply chains.

Traditional category management does little to reduce costs or drive growth

Managing inventory flow across different locations and markets requires access to real-time data that helps businesses predict how future demand will move. Unlike the past, where category managers had to decide on historical information that resulted in considerable inefficiencies, advances in AI is helping businesses integrate multiple disparate data points with predictive analysis to make smarter buying decisions.

Most businesses, however, remain constrained by their inability to move to efficient intelligent category management models due to entrenchment of traditional systems, costs of smarter systems or lack of system experts. Those adopting newer technologies on own or hiring expert consultants are witnessing higher efficiencies in procurement and product management, reduced costs and ultimately, improved returns. This is enabling them to move faster and capture market share with relative ease.

Eliminating category management inefficiencies through predictive analysis and insights

The abundance of data across different product categories needs expert analysis and insights for businesses to improve efficiencies and unlock hidden value

Category managers have to keep track of various information sources including procurement intelligence, supply chain challenges, macroeconomic data, industry trends, consumer buying patterns, trade and statutory-political developments, to perform their roles efficiently. Unfortunately, in most cases, the data does not help as dearth of expert insight results in erroneous conclusions and significant losses.

Steeple provides real-time online access to data analytics backed by insights from industry experts that help clients cut down costs, reverse losses and unlock hidden efficiencies. Our focus on supplier-partner model rather than client-vendor, intelligent big data analysis, Robotic Process Automation, online delivery, and teams of experts with decades of experience help clients glean insights that others miss.

Unlocking Category Management Efficiencies

Category data insights through AI-backed predictive analytics and expert analysis that help businesses reduce turnover and build proficient merchandising systems.

  • Commodity Tracking and Forecast
  • Category Dashboards
  • Spend Analysis
  • Make versus Buy Support
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Relevant Industries

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

IT and Telecom


CPG and Retail

Private Equity

Professional Services