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We help identify and leverage strategic sourcing opportunities across the global market. We offer end-to-end services from low-cost country sourcing and supplier market assessment to spend analytics and supplier risk assessment.

Emergence of newer markets are offering ways to cut input costs

A cost-effective procurement pipeline remains the most critical component of a supply chain. Ever-evolving manufacturing technologies, however, are piling on the stress on existing methods resulting in business looking for newer procurement channels to rein costs and expedite route-to-market. In addition, trade barriers, geopolitical factors and macroeconomic challenges continue to test existing operational patterns and cost structures.

The emergence of newer supply sources is resulting in alternatives that need more than a cursory exploration. Emerging countries are turning out better quality components and production inputs which outdo current suppliers across more than a few decision factors. However, finding and selecting new suppliers is a complex process. Several aspects from finding the right country to RFX process management need expert analysis and insights.

Mitigating sourcing challenges and reducing risks

Optimising the procurement pipeline requires a comprehensive approach that starts from understanding supply channels across the industry and global markets to finding the right fit for the business.

Maintaining an optimal procurement channel is an ongoing process. Understanding current scenarios and predicting future ones are critical to keeping production costs low and risks at a minimum. Our strategic sourcing initiatives use extensive data analysis and intelligent tools to shortlist and filter suppliers and help optimise production costs.

Our tools help our experts estimate current and future commodity and component prices and allow client management to create reliable procurement and supplier strategies. A web-based delivery model provides access to data across geographies and time zones. A customised approach that delivers bespoke results and anytime access to experts help deliver more production efficiencies.

Optimising Procurement Intelligence

We offer extensive data insights and recommendations that help optimise the supply chain and reduce procurement risks. Our end-to-end services help improve margins and accelerate growth.

  • Low-Cost Country Sourcing
  • RFX Process Management
  • Should Cost Analysis and Spend Analytics
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Market Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

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