Optimising Supplier Management

Mapping the procurement landscape and supplier market to optimise supplier management. We help unlock efficiencies in the supply chain and identify right suppliers for future needs.

Finding and managing suppliers that tick all boxes remains a challenge

Supplier management continues to be a critical aspect for production efficiency and ultimately, profits. Newer production technologies, stress on inventory levels and better tools to predict customer demand means businesses have to constantly strike a balance between excess inventory and shortfalls. Finding and managing the right suppliers under such conditions is tough.

Moreover, the supplier landscape is fraught with challenges from voluminous data with questionable accuracy. Local or global, questions on whether the supplier can supply right quality or required quantity within acceptable costs and within time remain moot points. Factors such as integrated supply chains, trade restrictions, government policies, etc. also lend their weight to the final decision.

Mapping supplier markets and managing key suppliers to optimise production

Managing suppliers comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Fundamental factors such as quality, quantity, cost and logistics become critical decision points. Knowing when to buy or when to move to other vendors is critical to seamless production cycles and profits.

Optimal supplier management requires an understanding of internal production needs, market dynamics, supplier capabilities, supply chain challenges, logistics and tracking, and analytical tools. Our supply chain specialists and data experts assess key markets and shortlist the suppliers you can tap into.

Our intelligent systems and experts bring you insights on optimising your supplier pool. From ways to understand the product capacity, R&D capabilities and financial strength of each supplier to helping integrate the procurement data from across countries on a single platform, we allow you to continually refine and execute supply chain strategies that trim production losses and boost profits.

Refining Supplier Management

We offer intelligent data analysis and expert insights on supplier markets and vendors to perfect your supply chain management initiatives. The online real-time data visualisation and data-driven insights and recommendations help you to manage your existing supplier relationships and build new ones.

  • Supplier Landscape Report
  • Supplier Monitoring
  • RFX – RFI, RFP, RFQ – Support
  • Negotiation Support
  • Supplier Scorecards
  • Cost Structure Analysis of Suppliers

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