Data Analytics

Intelligent data analysis followed by expert insights to deliver web-based actionable advisory solutions for businesses across geographies and industries.


Social Media Analytics

Expert assessment of social media patterns and data analytics to provide key insights on consumer behaviour and predict future trends for marketing and corporate strategy teams.

Supply Chain Analytics

Robotic process automation and data analysis across multiple information sources to build visibility and generate efficiencies across dynamic supply chains.

Pricing Analytics

An exhaustive analysis of cost structures and price points across industry and peers to define and recommend suitable pricing strategies across categories and business units.

Marketing Analytics

Actionable recommendations from comprehensive data insights across marketing channels to help understand past performances and discover ways to surpass future marketing goals.

Strategy Advisory

Intelligent data analysis and expert insights that allow our clients to create effective strategies to overcome operational challenges and accelerate growth.


Corporate Strategy

Enabling corporate strategy teams to navigate the incessant information flow and identify key trends and data points to predict future patterns and build adaptive strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Expert data insights, and sector and functional capabilities help our clients identify existing and upcoming opportunities in present and future markets.

Competitive Strategy

Exhaustive industry and peer analysis and expert recommendations allow corporate and marketing teams chalk out growth strategies to outpace the competition.

Procurement Advisory

Actionable data insights and recommendations to help build or redefine procurement strategies, and unlock efficiencies across all levels of the supply chain.


Procurement Intelligence

Industry experts use intelligent tools to evaluate, identify and shortlist key supply markets and commodity suppliers to optimise procurement channels and mitigate risks.

Supplier Management

Analytical and advisory solutions to quantify, assess and actively manage the supplier network across geographies, in line with future growth plans and industry trends.

Category Management

Advisory solutions backed by intelligent data analysis to predict category trends and price patterns, and devise roadmaps to mitigate challenges and manage risks.

Financial Research

In-depth data analysis and insights across industry and peers for finance businesses or departments to measure, analyse and predict future performance and results.


Sell Side

Financial analytics and recommendations for sell-side firms to promote investment opportunities across industries to appropriate buyer markets.


Financial research and analytics to help buy-side firms understand industry, market, and target company and its peers, and make appropriate purchase decisions.