Potent Competitive Strategies

Understand industry trends and competitor initiatives to build disruptive marketing strategies. Know what is happening before the competition. Use our segment-specific insights to move faster.

Technology is changing accepted norms of competitive strategies

Technological advances have enhanced the speed to market across all industries. Knowing what competitors are doing in terms of production management, sourcing, sales, logistics, and R&D has become critical to build and refine effective marketing plans. Regular and timely insights do not hold the key anymore. Today’s businesses need real-time in-depth analysis to keep ahead of the competition.

Businesses need to have end-to-end insights on competitive developments, pricing, positioning and performance, in the present and the future. Information has to be actionable and allow teams to make short-term tactical decisions and long-term strategic plans. From mapping the industry to scouting more effective ways to reduce costs, data analytics has become critical to derive maximum gains versus the competition.

Know what the competition is doing now and in the future

An ever-discerning consumer now dictates which product will survive and which will not. Using data analytics to know in detail how the market will evolve and how the competition will play have become cornerstones to create effective competitive strategies.

At Steeple, we provide you with detailed analysis on current competitive environment, expected trends and outliers, impending threats and emerging opportunities. Our machine learning tools and sector-and-functional expertise filter out the extraneous information and false-positives.

We equip you with data-backed insights to know what the competition will do now and in the future. Our expertise helps you counter saturated domestic markets, fuel product and geographic expansion, and profitably compete at local, national, regional and global levels.</p

Smarter Competitive Insights

Our analyses take care of every aspect of your competitive strategy and marketing intelligence needs. From evaluating your competitive strategy to monitoring your peers, we help you stay ahead.
  • Competitive Strategy Evaluation
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Technology Landscape Analysis
  • Patent Diligence
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Emerging Business and Monetisation Models Identification

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